Snapshot: Re-Opening the Bible School!

When the flood took over our compound in August, the Bible school was one of the entities completely swept through with river water.

I’ve written about our involvement with L’ESPriT – “L’École Supérieur Privée de Théologie” – Bible School of Theology – here on this blog not long ago. This school exists to train pastors to lead churches in unreached parts of Niger and West Africa.

The entire school was inundated by flood waters in late August. The student’s housing, most of their belongings, as well as the library and office were completely ruined.

This was a real crisis! With at least ten new students, along with their families, set to arrive in September, there was nothing left to do except pray for a miracle. Meanwhile, through the flood emergency fund, God provided money to replace some supplies that were lost in the flood – mattresses, gas bottles for cooking, large cooking pots, food, and bed linens. There was a lot of searching around the city, talking with local church leaders, and PRAYER.

In mid-September there was an offer made and accepted to use a center owned by another church denomination. What an answer to prayer! The school director’s wife and I went shopping one day to buy food and pots for the new location. Everyone was excited!

Then, just days before opening, this church denomination changed their minds and revoked their commitment. It was a shock and such a discouragement. All we could do was cry out to God. Some of us simply held on to the knowledge that God is in control – even of this.

Of course you already know there is a happy ending to this story! About one week later there was another phone call, another conversation about an option just outside the city. There is a ministry called “The Rock” that has a center in this village suburb. They explained how they were going through changes, had been praying about what to do next with their center. They had been praying specifically that God would give them something that could infiltrate this village with the light of the gospel, that their neighborhood would be impacted by Christian witness.

The director of ESPriT talked and prayed with the Rock ministry leaders, and it was clear this was the plan for both of them! Thankfully, housing was found for all of the families – within this village! – and even a place for the library and office were secured.

On Monday morning, October 26th L’ÉSPriT held the opening service at their new God-given location! Andy was out of town but I was able to attend. The director spoke about being a light in this new place and the sovereignty of God in everything – the flood, the hardships, and now this new blessing.

Please continue to pray for this school, these pastors-in-training, and for the new neighborhood of people who will be impacted by the presence of this Bible School this year.