We’d like to introduce our family:

Andrew & Nikki, Nathaniel, Jonathan, and Ruth.


Our Story

When we were first married in 1996, Andy & I dreamed of living and serving overseas someday. Of course we had no idea how that would happen! But our desire was there, even if dormant throughout our first 15 years together. In 2012 that dream became a reality as we embarked on an 18-month assignment in Niger, with our three kids in tow. Our job at that time was to be dorm parents for Sahel Academy, serving missionary families by living with and taking care of their teenagers while they attend school. This proved to be a great first step into missions for our family. We fell in love with the people, the culture, and the lifestyle of being an expatriate serving Christ.

God opened a door for us to return to Niger, so we now live and serve here full time. Our job is in Marriage and Family Ministry among the precious and growing church in Niger. You can read more about our ministry by clicking here.

This blog is a place to tell our story.

Ultimately we desire to live in such a way that we may know God more, that our roots may grow deep into His marvelous love as we share this love with others.gray-logo-larger-_e_

4 thoughts on “Family

  1. Love reading all about you. I was not sure I signed up for Email notification. Love, Betty

    1. Hi Betty! Oh it is so great to hear from you! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we are thankful for your faithfulness to encourage us! Glad you found the blog — were you able to “sign up” to receive updates? Let me know if you have trouble with that…our love to you and hugs for you both! Love, Nikki

  2. Hi Nikki. This is Helene using Jeanie’s computer. Phyllis Wallin and me are visiting Jeanie and friends here in the Tri-Cities for a long weekend. It was nice to see your mom and her usual happy bubbly face. Both of us have gone through some difficult physical problems the past few years but like your mom, we are totally trusting in our Lord and Savior to heal us and continue to give us direction. I plan to pass your address on to Angie…..maybe she has it??? But we will pray for your ministry and your family. It took me about a year to call Mexico home because of the language barrier. I know you will be loving parents for the children who are away from their families. May God give you direction always. Love, Helene

    1. Helene! What a wonderful surprise to hear from you!!! Yes, Angie and I are friends on facebook so that has been great to at least know where and what she is doing! I think she has my blog address…not sure? I know your missionary heart would have tremendous wisdom for me…wish I could grab a cup of coffee and learn from you. If you ever have a thought that would be helpful for me, please share it! I love to learn from seasoned Christians who have served overseas! Thank you for writing and connecting — love you so! Hugs and love, Nikki

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