Snapshot: Let’s go for a drive

We are now approaching the home stretch of our time in the USA. It has been wonderful to visit with many friends and spend time with family, answering questions and telling stories about our very different life in West Africa. However, I wish I could bring each person back to Niger for at least one week, to introduce them to our local friends, show them our landscape, and just drive around town to truly take in the sights, sounds and smells.

Unfortunately, I am unable to do that.

But then I remember that I have saved some videos on my computer! These snippets won’t transport the smells, but the sights and sounds are all there.

So, if you’re up for it, let’s take a little “drive” around town together! If you are a parent or grandparent, this might be a fun way for your kids to learn about Niger.

Click here to watch a one-minute video of driving down a main street in Niamey.

Until last year*, our family could drive just under an hour to see some rare wildlife – giraffes! I saved this short video of our last visit to see them, in 2017. (*The giraffes are too far out of the city now, making it dangerous for anyone to venture there. It is now a restricted area because of terrorism.)

Click here to watch this 46-second video of our last giraffe visit.

This picture was taken back in 2013, the first time we visited the giraffes. They are so beautiful.

Most of the roads in Niger are not paved, except the main streets through the big city. The side streets are typically sand. We are thankful for our 4×4 because the sand can get quite deep sometimes!

Click here to watch a 51-second video of our drive on one of these side streets.

The “rules of the road” are fairly negotiable in Niger. This can cause some interesting situations! There is one intersection that is notorious for becoming COMPLETELY locked up. One time I pulled out my phone and video-taped some of this madness.

Click here to watch a 19-second video of this INSANE intersection.

Another type of “traffic jam” that is not uncommon here in Niamey – cows!

Well I hope you enjoyed that little “tour” of our city!

Did that enhance your understanding of Niger? Or do you NOW have more questions? Please let us know – let’s keep the conversation going.

Here are some more photos that I have taken from my carseat, along the roads of the city… enjoy!