Snapshot: Precious Moments

Meeting with couples is one way we are able to share the marriage discipleship material here in Niger. Sometimes a couple might come to our house and sit on our back porch, and sometimes it works better for us to go to their house. The latter is the case with one couple we are currently meeting with, a pastor and his wife.

They live about 10 minutes from us, in a home located next to their church. It is a simple house in the usual Nigèrien style, with mud-brick walls and metal-shuttered windows and doors. We sit outside under an awning made of branches and fabric, enjoying some tea and watching the chickens come and go nonsensically.

We pray, talk through the scriptures and questions in French, allowing Pastor to translate into Tamajaq for his wife to understand more fully. She says she understands us, but he wants to make sure she gets the full meaning of our conversations. It is a sweet picture of his love and respect for her, and I feel privileged to see this rare expression of love up close.

I love the peaceful atmosphere of our times together. We don’t feel rushed. It is private and we share transparently. I can tell that they enjoy being able to talk about marriage and family life from their perspective, as Tamajaq-Nigeriens who want to follow Jesus. We are always learning something new… who are the students here anyway?

Andy and I don’t ever want to take for granted this precious opportunity. It’s not often that a couple is willing to let us into their lives like this, because it requires humility and patience and a time commitment. (We will be meeting weekly for up to 10 or 12 weeks!)

Please pray for us to fully love the people that God brings into our lives here. Pray for this couple, that God will bless them in their relationship and in their ministry in their church and family.