August Already?

“Time is so short that it behooves us each to lay out our days to what it seems to us will give the widest and surest return in God’s Kingdom.” – Lilias Trotter, missionary to Algeria 1853-1928


Phew! We’ve spent the summer traveling to Pre-Field Orientation (New York) and SIMco (North Carolina) trainings (each two weeks long) where our hearts were stirred and brains filled to overflowing with new information. The kids were with us for both trips & we maximized the family time! The people we met along the way were wonderful — truly like-minded friends whom we admire and who spur us on. Here are some highlights:

Jonathan and Nathaniel with new friends at PFO!

  • The kids connected quickly with other kids who are going through the very same transition they are. It was so cool for us to see them adapt so well to new relationships and be courageous in sharing their fears and hopes for living in Niger!
  • Travel: our kids love to do it! They were pros in the airport and packing their backpacks each time. Sitting by Ruth on the plane ride home from New York, she started pulling out stuffed animals, one after the other…until there were seven animals sitting with us! How would you like to be the third person in our row?
  • Teaching from the heart: we were taught by Godly men and women who shared from their hearts and lives. It was beautiful and inspiring. Andy and I reflected on the richness of the stories they told, all centering around the power of Jesus Christ changing lives all over the world! We are thrilled to serve in Niger and someday have our own stories to share!
  • Relationships: Meeting other missionaries-to-be was such a blessing to us! We felt right at home with these new friends, sharing in similar anxieties, passions, and challenges.
  • Connecting with SIM: we met with various team members from our mission agency, SIM and felt such a peace about partnering with them for this mission. We are so grateful for this connection through Lake City Community Church, our home church!

What next? As August rolls to a finish (really?) we are looking ahead to a busy Fall! I will be homeschooling Jonathan, while Nathaniel (4th grade) and Ruth (1st grade) will be at University Place Primary. Andy will continue counseling at Hopesparks, and I will be packing, learning French, selling stuff we don’t want to keep or pack, fundraising (with Andy’s help, of course!), and hopefully reading a few good books too!

For those of you who are wondering, here is our financial update:

One-time needs — Received $29,000 out of $31,000 total! (Incredible!)

Monthly commitments — 1 church and 30 donors giving $1,665/month (just over 30% to our monthly goal!)

For more information about our financial needs visit our “finances” page.

Thanks for checking in! – Nikki

Christina Kroes and her daughter Madison, with Ruth and I...the Kroes are already in Ethiopia!

Silly Boys!

Evan Evans, missionary in Senegal, with Andy!

6 thoughts on “August Already?

  1. This is so great to hear about! I’m so excited to hear about the many ways God is blessing this journey for y’all and I can’t wait to hear about the continued blessings that come y’alls way. Also – I want one of those t-shirts…seriously… 🙂

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