Time to become a Vegetarian?

Time to become a Vegetarian?

I took this picture at the Petite Marche, the market where we shop for much of our groceries. this section of the market is where you can buy meat — look closely and you will notice all of the sanitation rules that are being broken! What you can’t see are the swarms of flies that are present — covering a lot of the meat. I hope that isn’t too much information…we don’t buy our meat here!

4 thoughts on “Time to become a Vegetarian?

  1. Great picture! I wish I could see a close-up of the flies on it! It sounds like life couldn’t get much different than what you were used back home. Thanks for all of the posts and pictures!

    1. Hi Abby! I just wrote a little note to your hubby’s reply before reading yours! I am blessed that you read the blog — and I enjoyed your blog too! You have wonderful photos! (great subjects..:)) Thank you for your faithful support of us while we are here — it has been and continues to be such a growing experience. I am excited to share more about the missionary kids we are getting to know. In a few weeks we will get to visit with Gail and Ish*y* in the African bush, do you know them? Our church prays for them regularly…we are excited to meet them and encourage them in all they are doing! (Pray that we will be safe!) Love and hugs to you — Nikki

  2. Is it weird that the picture makes me want steak? It looks like the makings of the best street vendor ever!
    Thanks for taking the time to blog. I’m sure it’s a pain with the slow, intermittent internet connection. We love the updates on settling into missionary life!

    1. Peter! Yes that is weird that you want steak when you see that picture!!! Yikes –it is scary! Great to hear from you and of course we are thrilled to be able to pray for your delightful family too. I enjoyed reading your blog recently and especially the pictures and story of your sudden trip to Mexico! That was awesome! Your family is a bright light — full of creativity and inspiration. Even taking that trip on a whim, enjoying your children fully, is a testimony to those around you! May you continue to enjoy the Lord’s favor and joy! Consider yourselves group-hugged as a family from the Gray family in Africa! With love, Nikki, for all of us 🙂

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