57 Days: The “Cold Room” Update

The good news is that we haven’t killed each other yet.

The bad news is that we STILL have 24 more days in the Cold Room together.



Hmmm…does that look like a person who can take 24 more days?


This could get dangerous.

For those who haven’t heard, the Cold Room is where the five of us Grays have been spending our time whenever we are awake and in our house…since it is the only room with the air conditioner on. (The rest of the house being about 90 to 100 degrees by 8 a.m.) 

We are growing closer…much closer. Is this a good thing? Remember the old adage “the family that camps together stays together”? Well I am hoping this is true for families who spend months sleeping in the same room together too!


Pray for us, people. 

Niger Hot Season Facts:

  • Chocolate chip cookies, in the hot season, are actually just “chocolate cookies” since by the time you stir in the chocolate chips they are melted and turn the whole batch of dough chocolate!
  • Andy has lost ten pounds.
  • Nikki…well, let’s just say she is jealous of Andy’s shed pounds!
  • Mangoes are about $1/kilo right now! Cheap!
  • Nigerien’s have little plastic bags full of water or frozen yogurt to keep cool on these impossibly hot days.
  • Everyone seems a bit more grumpy these days — (so the Gray family is not alone! Phew!)
  • Swimming pools feel a bit more like baths — but at least it takes away the feeling of constant sweat.


Well, there are probably more things about our first hot season to share with you, yet I am too hot to think about it anymore.

A’tout a’l’heure! (see you later!)

7 thoughts on “57 Days: The “Cold Room” Update

  1. Oh my goodness!! You are so funny! So glad you can laugh through all of this. I talked to Jet the other day and he said that after going through the hot season the rest of the year will seem cool! See, you do have something to look forward to! Love you all! Mom 🙂

  2. Nikki, since you’re living in my former house, I think I know which room is the cold room!!!! 🙂 Though I’m surprised the air conditioner is still working!!!!! Is it still just the small wall unit or did Winsors put a real one in? We truly understand!!!!! Hang in there…rainy season can be awesome and nice and cool…when it rains!!! 🙂 By the way, ask Crystal about a special rainy season the year I turned 40!!!! 🙂 Oh the memories!!!!

    1. Sandy! Yes it is the room you are thinking of, but the Winsors did put in a new air conditioner – Phew! And when the power goes out, we wait about 30 minutes and then fire up the generator. So I guess we aren’t suffering too badly, eh? Next year we should be tougher! I’ll ask Crystal your question — thanks for your encouragement! Love, Nikki

  3. I can’t even imagine…
    Such stamina you are building!!
    We left Atlanta just as the heat was setting in, and I must say, MN cool feels nice. I’m afraid that the Texas heat may just about do me in, but we’ll be surrounded by air conditioning. Are the mangoes delicious??? Love Sharalyn, et al

    1. Sharalyn! We just had a remember-last-year-at-this-time session with the kids last night! What a memory with your family! I even made spaghetti in honor of our yummy spaghetti dinner at the Chelan house. (I thought about top ramen over a cookfire but decided that was a bit too much of a memory…) We are praying for you as you move — hoping you get to see many friends in MN. The boys are excited that they can climb trees “almost as good as Bennett and Everett”!Your boys really set the bar. I love and miss you dear friend! Hugs from afar – Nik

  4. Oh wow, the Grays are hot weather champs! Oh, the character that is being built in those kids…you already have that character or you wouldn’t be in Niger! Thanks for the fun pics…you are doing a great job of capturing the experience!
    Love you, miss you and am praying! Peg

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