A Butterfly Sewing Machine and Hope

Recently I was invited to attend a very special graduation for thirteen young Nigerien women. They weren’t graduating from high school, as you might think at this time of year — it was SEWING school!

Sewing. Knitting. Crocheting. Embroidery.

Life-saving skills for a young woman here in Niger.

Knowing how to sew gives these young women a chance to provide for themselves, freedom from dependence on men or others to take care of themselves, and,  in some cases, their children. Literally, saving lives.

Explosions of joy and singing, speeches and pomp and circumstance, photos taken, tears of  relief, laughter, diplomas dispersed, and the squeals of young girls with new life to look forward to! Phew!

I was a mess of tears. I felt such gratitude at being invited, being able to wriggle in on their shining moment. Conspicuous as usual, (the very few white folks like me simply can’t help it), I wholeheartedly celebrated this triumph with them! “Magnificent!”, my heart sang out for them! “You did it!” My hands numb from clapping. My heart wrung out from sheer amazement at the scene before me.

Four years. Hard work and sincere commitment. All necessary skills taught by experienced Nigerien women, intertwined with Bible studies (though many come from Musl*m homes), and upon graduation they each receive a sewing machine. Their very own.

A very special Butterfly Sewing machine. Hope and Life to look forward to!

I praise God for ministries like this one — giving these precious people a chance at life! To learn a necessary skill for living, and to learn to fully live in the Love of Christ!

4 thoughts on “A Butterfly Sewing Machine and Hope

  1. This makes my heart sing with joy !!! What tender opportunities you are getting to experience…it certainly changes your perspective. Love that you are able to embrace it ALL…even the bugs, heat, language etc. Keep going friend..I.m cheering and praying you on 🙂

  2. Thank you for writing this sweet sweet story! I loved it-such a wonderful accomplishment for these women- how special Nikki that you were able to share in this celebration! We received our card-so GREAT to read your words. You are all on our hearts and in our prayers. Big HUGS!!!!

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