In Nathaniel’s Words

It is time to hear from our firstborn son – Nathaniel! He is now 11 years old, in fifth grade, and continues to bless our family with his peaceful presence.



Nathaniel is keeping a journal as we live in Africa these 18 months, drawing pictures and keeping record of major events. Recently he wrote about the past couple of months and gave permission for me to share it with you…







This might be difficult to read (poor photography, yet again!) This is what it says:

“The past few months have been crazy! It started with rainstorm that eventually flooded sahel. We had to move somewhere else for awhile called MBM. then we moved into a new house full of problems. Through these times I felt that God was in control and that he would take care of me. After that we got back to school.”



“P.S. We got to see giraffes and they were super cool. Sam got into a different school so I am a little lonely at recess. It’s really sad. I got to watch the first two Lord of the Rings movies.”



All of this is from a boy who, a year ago, was completely opposed to leaving his home in America to go to Africa! It is amazing how God changes hearts! We are so proud of Nathaniel!

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