A post from Ruth: Snapshot of the Baby Home

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My mom asked me to write about my experience at Baby Home. Baby Home is a baby orphanage (run by the government) where some of the middle school girls (and one high school girl) go on Friday afternoons after school. Each person has a selected baby that they play with and hold each time we go. This builds a relationship with the baby and the girl. I started going to Baby Home this summer. I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. All of my friends enjoyed it, but I was pretty unsure. The first time I went, I held this little girl. She made me want to come back because she didn’t have someone to hold her. She is such a sweet little girl and I wouldn’t have enjoyed my first experience without her. Now I go every week, and I always look forward to going. I hold a little boy, who loves to laugh and is so funny. I’m so glad that I have been able to go and see all of the precious baby’s smiles when we come. Making a baby happy for a few hours makes me happy. It is a blessing to the babies, and to us. Even though the babies are so young, they are getting a full example of Jesus’ love for them. We love them and so does He.

Ruth is 12 and is in the 7th grade at Sahel Academy.

*Note from Nikki: the Baby home does not allow us to take photos inside since the infants will hopefully be adopted someday. (Otherwise there would be TONS of photos here because these little cuties are irresistible!) The babies arrive after being abandoned or brought in by family members. The goal is to have them adopted, and we have seen some of them leave to become part of their forever families! You can pray for these babies, and for Ruth and her friends, that God’s love will penetrate into these precious little hearts through the simple act of holding and caring for them. 

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