Snapshot: Celebrating some “firsts”

Last week Andy and I had the privilege to teach a marriage seminar at the annual Bible camp for the Tamajaq people group. (I apologize for how blurry the photos are – our friend took most of these on his phone.)


It was our first time to teach our marriage material to this group of people, and the first time to have our French words translated into the Tamajaq language. [Some of you are probably wondering where this took place – that is a pretty nice room for our seminar! In fact, the camp was taking place next door to this local NGO facility. They were kind enough to share their property with us for this purpose.]


The seminar started sluggishly, but each day we managed to gain momentum, as well as attendees. The discussion times, in particular, were lively! God’s word is full of wonderful instructions for marriage, and it is always culturally relevant and powerful. For many of these people, it was the first time they had been taught what the Bible has to say about men, women, and marriage.

EOFU4504One other special part of this experience is that was the first time we had another couple as part of our team – our dear friends, S and F who are local christians! (picture below)


We pray that the truth from the Bible about God’s plan for marriage would be freeing for these couples and singles!

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