Order your Gray Africa t-shirt by May 25!

Hey friends – this whole Teespring thing is new to us, so here is a little update to help us all.

There is a minimum order we need to sell before Teespring will print and mail the shirts – that number is TEN! So, they obviously want to print the shirts in batches. (which makes sense)

They recommend that we pick a date to order by – so that everyone will order about the same time and make it efficient for printing and sending!

For this campaign, please order your shirt by May 25th!

Here is the link to our original blog post about the shirts.

And here is the TeeSpring link to buy your shirt and one for a friend.

Let’s see how this works. 🙂 Thanks for your support!

Gray Logo - Larger _E_


One thought on “Order your Gray Africa t-shirt by May 25!

  1. Hi Nik!

    Oh! I just figured out the “Messenger” thing and got to listen to your messages! I actually am on Whatsapp, as we use it all the time with Jamie and Al-

    Oh, and no pressure to work us into your schedule! We of course would love to see you, do anything for you, or host a little gathering, but I totally get the beauty of you being able to just relax and refresh at your folks’ home. And wow- drivers’ ed! It should be SUCH a fun and reviving summer!!

    And the news you shared about the difference this year for you guys was great to hear! Thanks for sharing it- you know that we are big fans of you guys! And of what God is doing in and through you!

    Much love and many hugs, Peg

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