Snapshot: Something to celebrate!

With the news these days being mostly negative, I thought we could all use a little story about something to celebrate. The Bible School I wrote about in my last post, L’ESPriT, recently received a financial grant to install a well for the compound!


The interesting part of this story is that the most efficient place for the well is in our own backyard. So we’ve had a front row seat to the process of installation this week. It has been tricky, to say the least!

After 2-3 days of very loud pounding, water was found!



Next, they had to get the HUGE water tower over the wall behind our house.




Watch out for power lines! And people! And that wall that separates our house from the busy street and bridge on the other side!



Here you can see how close it is to our house – our clothesline and roof is on the right, and our meeting place for marriage ministry is on the left.

Thankfully for everyone, the water will be funneled to various buildings through underground pipes, so people won’t have to carry gigantic plastic jugs to and from our property.

The well will provide water for the students and other residents on our compound at little to no cost. The well will provide water when the rest of the city has water cuts – which happen regularly. And a bonus is that we should have excellent water pressure now! What a blessing!


It is strange how the entire world is suffering under this covid-19 pandemic, and yet some aspects of life and progress continue. This well is such an encouragement to this community – people have been coming by and taking pictures during the last two days. I hope this encourages you too!


6 thoughts on “Snapshot: Something to celebrate!

  1. Outstanding! Thanks for sharing such great news. How we take water for granted here! Happy Easter Weekend. Rick and Judy Smedley

    1. Thanks Rick and Judy – hope you had a wonderful Easter! It is definitely one for the memory books since we all did something different than we are used to, right? Love and cyber-hugs to you!

  2. Praise God! And how fascinating to see it right in your own backyard! What a perfect time for this to come together for you guys and your community.

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