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It hasn’t always been pretty, but we like to think we are falling forward! We decided in the Fall of 2014 to put our story into writing as a way to allow others to get to know us more deeply, and hopefully gain insight into why we are motivated to go to Niger to work with families.

Please enjoy each of these very brief writings, and our prayer is that you will be encouraged to press on in your own journey, whether you are married or single! If God is with us, who can be against us? May the Lord bless you with His presence and peace today.

[Note from Nikki] October, 2021: It is clear that we need to add some chapters to “our story” – there have definitely been some highs and lows – and still our great God is the hero. I’d like to find some time to add to this testimony, but it’ll have to wait a bit longer. Suffice it to say, though, that this story continues to be written!

Part 1: Our Inside Story, By Andrew

Part 2: Behind the Scenes, By Nikki

Part 3: A Marriage Essential: Forgiveness, By Andrew

Part 4: By Nikki

Part 5: Victory! By Andrew and Nikki

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