For security reasons, we are not providing exact location information. If you need to reach us or send something to us, please send an email and we will give you the information that way.




14830 Choate Circle, Charlotte, NC 28273


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I want to KNOW the list of “desired care package items!” Seriously, what are the things you EACH miss the most that would safely/successfully make the trip to Africa? Trader Joe’s treasures? Target fun finds? Things that are “practical” but would really help you there? 🙂

    1. Hi Amy!!! So great to get your cheerful messages! I love it! And it would be so great to receive a care package — but it is kinda expensive so don’t feel obligated to do that! things that would be fun to get are coffee (we like dark roast), chocolate, nuts, kool aid and crystal light (I wonder who wants which? ha!) stickers or paper to draw on, jonathan loves goldfish crackers and we can’t find that kind of thing anywhere’d be cool to get some pictures of your kids — kieffer playing with his legos or something like that? It is such a slow internet that uploading photos is kinda hard, but…you get the idea. We love and miss you and simply can’t wait to reunite in a year and a half! Love you so — hugs from here to your whole family! – Nik

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