Gail “Superwoman” Klippenstein!

The cute little face peeking from the middle of this colorful photo, is my new friend Gail. From the first moment we pulled into the village, she plopped her mat down in what shade she could find, and began her literacy ministry! A steady stream of people — all ages — arrived into the night, and then first thing in the morning she was at it again. Till the last moment, when it was time to drive away, she was patiently teaching. These young girls arrived first thing in the morning, before their daily chores needed tending to. Look at Gail’s smile! She THRIVES on this service to the least of these!

One thought on “Gail “Superwoman” Klippenstein!

  1. Nikki,
    I look at your pictures and my heart melts, what a gift friendship is. As women I think the need is deep, and I am so thankful that God has places women that you love, admire and can connect with there in Africa. The passion Gail has must be contagious, just reading about her made me want to join in on her ministry, and the joy in Saratou’s eyes is very inviting. I sure hope that you are filling a journal with all of the things that you are encountering there. It seems to me that God is all around you, cheering you on in a variety of ways. May His blessings continue.
    Praying for you,
    Corey (and fam)

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