Real Life in the “Cold Room”

Okay, so it is not really a cold room, more like “the warm room”, but for us it is our hot season salvation! The five of us Grays may have seemed pretty courageous and full of adventure as we packed and moved ourselves to Africa….until now. Until this HEAT came upon us. It is a sly monster, lurking all night and then jumping on us at first light of day — nearly 90 or 100 by 9:00 a.m. (my guess) Our only saving grace is the cooler (air conditioner) in our bedroom. We knew the cost would be high, but it doesn’t matter — we NEED this room to be cooler than the rest of the world! The truth is that even when we run it all night..(.shhh…don’t tell anyone we do this!)… it still only gets to 79 degrees. 

Here is the fun part — all five of us slumber in the cold room. In fact, we read here, play games here, have our family meetings and Bible times here. We were gettin’ kinda silly tonight — you can imagine that would happen when an entire family lives in one room of a house –and took these cold room photos of ourselves!



So here is the layout…



Although we are quite cozy here in our cold room, we are enjoying the extra family time and thankful for all that we have. Nothing in the world could have prepared us for this — and nothing at all could replace this unique training of our hearts and bodies!

A’ tout a’lheure! (See you later!)

One thought on “Real Life in the “Cold Room”

  1. Nikki, the heat must be stifling there. You just go ahead and run that AC! It’s hard to believe you have been there for over 4 months now. When we were in Animal Kingdom this weekend, Eleanor walked through the “Africa” portion of it, always saying, “so this is what Ruth’s house/yard/roads look like. Not sure the Disney rendition was really accurate, but it was a nice visual for her! 🙂

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