Snapshot: We are going NUTS!

NUTS – Niamey Universal Tournament of Softball – is an annual even here in our city. We weren’t sure if it would even happen this year since the flood pretty much drowned the only softball field! Usually, NUTS happens in October or November, but we were in flood survival mode at that time, so softball was the farthest thing from our mind.

Jonathan’s team – The Sahel Competitive Team – included students and some men from the community.

But the desire to have something normal happen this year won the day!

The field was prepared and the concession stand set up. Teams were put together and a few practices were held. Volunteers put together a round robin of games and just like that, a tournament was underway!

Everyone was rusty, but the fun of it all was the most important thing.

Jonathan is a senior this year and his team – the Sahel Competitive team – was looking pretty sharp. They played well and went to the final championship game! But, in the end they lost to a group of veteran missionary men. The game was close though! The guys can all feel great about their effort for sure.

For me, it was just so much fun to be with people. The event was outdoors and masks were optional. We ate good food from the concession stand, had long unhurried conversations with friends, and cheered on our favorite teams.

Jonathan (left) with his high school friends from his team.

We are really thankful for times like this, that give us a chance to laugh and enjoy one another during a very serious time in history.

One thought on “Snapshot: We are going NUTS!

  1. Thanks Andy and Niki! So glad for this little taste of normalcy for you guys! And especially for Jonathan to have this! Praying for you to finish strong! Can’t wait to see you this summer 😎

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